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Mission:  To develop and implement strategies that will reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs); to educate and provide risk reduction counseling and testing to individuals in institutional and community settings; to encourage early HIV testing; to motivate behavioral changes in persons with behaviors that put them at risk of getting infected with HIV/STIs; to increase the awareness of preventative services; to render support and direction to persons infected with HIV and other STIs; to offer alcohol or drug prevention and referral service; and to offer youth development programs

Vision:  To empower individuals with the resources and knowledge to make good life-affirming decisions so that the community as a whole engages in less risky behavior and is healthier overall.  

Executive Team
Metro Health Picture for Advocate (Shirl
Shirley Lolis

Executive Director/CEO

Shirley Lolis is a community activist and public servant who has been serving the community for over 39 years.  Her focus has been disease intervention and youth development.  Shirley Lolis has been the Executive Director/CEO of Metro Health for over 25 years.

Wendell James

Assistant Director

Wendell James, a graduate of Southern University with a Bachelor's and a Master's degree, began working at Metro Health as a Substance Abuse Educator/Counselor in 1997.  Mr. James became the Assistant Director in 1999 and sees it as an honor to work with clients and serve the community.

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